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Day 326: The value of ranting and raving


Tonight I began working on a ‘mind construct’ – this is a technique used to deconstruct the knowledge and information of the kind which comprises the beliefs, opinions, ideas and perceptions that exist in the mind which create what is referred to as the ‘mind consciousness system’ – here I am using specific terminology that I have learned through the Desteni I Process. It is a self help and life coaching course which teaches practical tools which one can use to deconstruct their own mind, to be able to life a life if clarity that is not directed and controlled by the mind as the mind has been created and programmed by us with the influence and taint of our society and culture. A ‘mind construct’ is an invaluable tool that allows one to look at themselves in a way that is not biased and takes real work here in the physical – no guessing games or spiritual tricks, it is real technical/mechanical stuff.


The first part of doing a mind construct is simply to rant and rave – to let the mind rant and rave about whatever the point is that one is facing. The purpose of this is to provide one with the real, candid stuff of the mind, which one can then use and utilize as the content that of the mind that will be worked with and deconstructed. This is the part of the mind construct I have worked on tonight.


As usual, the ranting and raving provided me with an initial sense of relief, of just being able to ‘speak my mind’ in a way where I am not suppressing myself or hiding from myself or fearing how I might be judged. It is rare in this world that we give ourselves moments in our lives where we can be truly open and candid. But one of the other reasons we do not do this is the fact that we fear what we will uncover and discover – because everyone knows the truth of themselves is not so nice.


But this fear of ranting and raving, this fear of facing ourselves only comes from a perspective of not knowing how to deal with it, not knowing how to change it – we fear that when we rant and rave, it will be from a starting point of believing in what we are ranting and raving about, and thus may be further influenced by that mentality if we rant and rave – therefore not having the self trust, self-assurance and fearlessness of knowing that whatever it is that we uncover/discover: we can correct it, we can change it. This is understandable – we are taught in every possible way to not focus on ourselves, to not be insightful, to focus only on the superficial and the world around us – and if one does happen to be insightful and want to investigate themselves deeper, we are certainly not given any tools with which we can correct and direct that which we uncover/discover within ourselves.


But this education now here, if one is looking for it, in the Desteni I Process, or even DIP Lite, which is completely free. There are those out there who have the know-how and the willingness to teach and support others because they themselves have made a commitment to themselves to support themselves and other to make this world a place that is best for all life. There is no more reason to run, to hide, to fear, to avoid, to suppress, to judge – the solution and the tools are here – we simply have to be willing to give those tools to ourselves, to give ourselves back to ourselves, to realize that – even if don’t know yet – there is something more to this life than what we have accepted and allowed – will we accept and allow ourselves to go further and dig deeper? That is a question that we owe it to ourselves to answer with great care and consideration.

Day 303: Some times we are living in…


One of the greatest things I was ever shown was how the mind has become an absolute trap – that the information which comprise the mind which is that we have been taught through experience in our culture/society, is not taught in my best interest – it is only here to lead me astray, to disempower me, to make sure that I am stuck in the mind that is based on belief, ideas, ideology, opinions, perceptions – never based in reality – so that I am not able to have any real effect in my reality whatsoever.

This is how we are all raised (razed?) and it is no wonder hoards and hoards of people – the vast majority of humans – are essentially useless, ineffective and are thus able to be controlled by a tiny percentage of the population who wield no real power but the ability to have us deceive ourselves within/as our own minds – we control ourselves for them. Having as much of an ego as I did at the time that I found this out, it was a great shock, and in vast contrast to how I had wanted to perceive myself: as being powerful and in control. It is that same ego that felt insulted, ridiculed, embarrassed – which drove me to zealously want to uncover the truth and figure things out.

It was only then later after I did sufficient research from sources less heard, walking a road less traveled, that I began to figure out that ego itself was part of the problem – that no matter what the illusion is that I am trapped in, the essential point is that my delusions were all about ME – self serving, and never in consideration of all life as equal and one. I began to see that the problem is not the brainwashing per say, but the brainwashed, following the religion of self-interest – a game that only a few people in positions of privilege and advantage will ever win.

I sometimes found it difficult to make this connection – between my own weaknesses, fears, insecurities, and the ‘bigger picture’ of the absolute mess that our society/world has become. But the more I let go, I see that it is the combined self-limitations of all people on earth, administered as brainwashing and mind control, that have us collectively creating the world as it is today.

Sometimes we stop because we realize what we are doing to ourselves. Sometimes we stop because we see what we are doing to others. Eventually, stopping becomes a point of common sense that is really what is best for all, and this is what stopping is becoming for me in my process. It is less about my reaction and anger and disgust with what I have seen in the world, and more of a common sense point because the way my life had become was no way of life at all – it had just become normal.

Sometimes it seems so difficult to question what has become normal and the way we have always existed and done things. How much is enough? How much does it take to make us stand up and take self responsibility to sort things out? Everyone has a threshold – no matter how lost, deluded or trapped – everyone has a ‘breaking point’ where they can take no more, once it dawns on us what we have actually been doing. That dawn is upon us and better we open our eyes than to resist what is here.

We all require to take a long, hard look in the mirror, we need it so badly that it should be a top priority in every free moment of our lives, if we actually were to recognize how much life matters. That long, hard look is best done through writing. Is it really such a big deal to question that which we have always trusted? Is it really so hard to consider that maybe there is another way? Is it really so hard to look at our world and consider – maybe this is not working, and maybe I am this which I observe in my external reality – maybe it is me.

Day 241: Real progress in a real process



It is important in this process to not get ‘too’ comfortable, because after all, process is about making progress, but we have this tendency to want to look back on our progress, give ourselves a pat on the back, and then use that feeling to justify stagnation. It is important to push oneself to be proactive and not pretend as if ‘everything is OK’ – no matter how many ways there may be which we can justify that. Within such a point, we are only fooling ourselves and consequence always comes.

It is important to understand: that which we accept and allow ourselves to be and do, is that which we accept and allow others to be and do – we are giving that permission simultaneously. That which we allow others to be and do is always then a reflection of what we accept and allow of ourselves. This is being show to us in our world, everyday, we just choose not to see it, and even if we are currently unable to see it, we tend to choose to never find out.

So it is important that this process equates to progress: real change, not just making our lives better for a moment as the quick fix we are so used to employ. It is important to make sure one’s application in process is really dealing with the pertinent points that require attention and real solutions, that it is self-directed. How much of our daily lives are actually self directed, and how much of it is just us doing the stuff we are accustomed to normally doing, or just doing/focusing on the things we like doing that make us feel nice – that is not self direction, that is dependency and influence.

The problem with getting out of this and getting real about self change is that it is something we have never actually done before, it feels alien, if you could even give it a feeling-name, I mean it is beyond feeling alien – we just don’t know until we do it. It seems impossible for this reason.

But did you know, that you can be the best support that you could ever get for yourself? Did you know, that it is really not so scary to let go of the dependency of other people and things to validate/recognize you? That it is not really so bad to let go of the idea that you need others to love you and give you attention to fulfill you? Not only is it not so bad – it is a relief. A relief from chasing after something that you can never get, and that never completely satisfies you anyway. Did you know that there is a point of fulfillment that is far beyond what we have ever defined as fulfillment? It is yourself – but only through self honesty and facing that which we have become and are currently living, can we move beyond it into a new existence where no fear and desire as personal weakness can ever exist.


I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to be absolute in self direction due to the fear of loss that manifest itself as thought, each and every single time that I am facing the opportunity to apply myself and support myself

I commit myself to direct myself and work to ensure that I am taking on points in my process effectively and that this is my main priority, to ensure that actual progress is being made, and that I am not falling into the trapping of creating a pattern of actions that don’t equate to real self change, so that ever day truly is a new day, and every breath truly is well spent, and I am in fact becoming a better person