Day 442: Desire: some points to ponder…

A simple point that I’ve realized, but that will take time to fully implement and live as my self-expression, is that I simply cannot allow any desire to exist. I cannot allow desire within myself. There is no need for it and it is destructive. It is always based in fear, lack – never common sense. We trust our desires and we experience them as these strong moments of temptation that can be so intense that it seems impossible to ignore them…and you can’t ignore them actually, that is true….they can only be stopped, and breathing in the moment is one step but so is writing, so that you can actually see objectively why it is that we must breathe, why it is that we cannot accept these desires, why it is that this experience of desire and temptation is not who we are.

Why do we need desire when there is common sense? Why not a simple recognition of what is practical and instead to create yearning for something? If something truly has to be done in life, if there is a need to truly be fulfilled, if there was any expression to be expressed that is truly a self honest expression of who we are as life – why would a desire be needed to participate in those things?

What is the purpose of desire? Do we need to desire to brush our teeth? No, and yet it is common sense that it is a beneficial thing to do. Do we need a feeling of desire to eat food, or do we just need to be hungry? Do we need to desire to have other people in our life or can we recognize our equality so that we may realize that others are already always here? Do we need to desire to do good if we are actually good people?

What is desire but the energy we experience when we have already convinced ourselves that we are not enough?

Is desire merely the illusion of attainment of that which is already here, when, instead, we could have simply realized what is here and corrected our relationships to what is here? When the mind is racing with desire, does this give the illusion that we are moving faster than the time it would actually take to walk a process to sort out our relationships to ourselves, each other and our reality?

In that ‘quick fix’ approach where we don’t actually have to take any real responsibility and fix anything at all, we end up moving ourselves further along towards our own demise. The fear of ourselves and our reality becomes so great that we become lost in the game of desire that we create for ourselves and literally go mad with desire. Look at how people are able to treat other humans, animals, the environment – even themselves – just to fulfill what? A desire.

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