Day 437: Mysteries of the subconscious mind and the value of education

So I’ve been getting over an illness that I’ve ha the last few days, and I’ve just started to focus again on my Desteni I Process work. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the more I work on DIP, the more I realize how critical it is that I work on DIP. I will elaborate:

Through working on a mind construct, I’ve been able to identify how and why I have developed particular behavior patterns, which affect and hinder the effectiveness of my interaction with others and my overall ability to direct myself in clarity. These behavior patterns were developed through specific experiences that have been stored into the subconscious mind as memories. All of our automated behavior is essentially coming from our subconscious minds, which is the storing place/database of all of our past memories/experiences. They determine ‘who we are’ in our day to day life, our personalities, our choices, etc.

So what I am essentially doing is educating myself – doesn’t seem obvious that this can be called education but this is because we have a very limited definition of what education is in this world. I am first educating myself about myself, to understand how and why I am the way that I am, and the reprogramming myself to live in the way I would actually like to live, a re-education process. More importantly, I am taking the time to do this for myself, and that is the critical point of education that has to be addressed in today’s world.

Because our understanding of what education is so warped (due to our experience/understanding of it from past experiences of being in the educational system) we tend to give very little value to education at all. There is a kind of blind faith in education, and that faith has to be blind because while we have a vague idea that education matters, there reality is that our education system is, quite simply, grossly insufficient, and so to have faith in it, you have to be blind and optimistic.

But with a real, effective education possible and accessible (see more on DIP), it simply comes down to us recognizing that value and giving ourselves the space and time to take advantage of that value, by applying ourselves in the process of giving ourselves such an education.

It is about recognizing the value of yourself, your life and the reality of the problems you/we face in this world, and thus the value of the solution as the education. When this happens, we will find the time, we will find the resources, the money, the resolve – whatever it takes to get it done. When we grant ourselves that value to see things clearly, we embark on a path that holds for us great reward and a future that we would truly like to live in and look forward to.

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