Day 436: Legalizing gay marriage in America is useless, and here’s why…

Today I opened my facebook and found it littered with posts about how gay marriage had been legalized in the United States. It’s obviously understandable that any citizen would want to have the same, equal rights as others. So they’ve got that now. America, %4 of the world’s population, approximately %10 of which are gay, have the right to marry. So %0.4 of the worlds population got the right to marry.

Now let’s get real.

There can be useful benefits to people who get married. However, none of the following benefits are gained whatsoever from having the right to get married:

– the right to food and clean drinking water
– the right to a proper home
– the right to equal education to those who can afford superior education and post secondary education
– the right to work have a dignified life
– the right to a sufficient, living income
– the right to be protected from violence and harm
– the right to healthcare that is equal to those who can afford superior healthcare
– the right to a heated, comfortable home (for those of us living in northern areas)

Without even going into the question of the legitimacy of the institution called ‘marriage’ (personally, I’m not a fan), does anyone not notice any glaring problems with this scenario, while everyone is busy having a party over this proclaimed ‘massive victory for civil liberties’?

Years ago, on my facebook I decided to conduct a social experiment. I noticed the LGBT ‘equal rights’ movement was blowing up. Because I was entering a time in my life where I was learning about the principles of oneness and equality – that means supporting equality for ALL life in every way – I decided to add a bunch of people who used the word ‘equality’ as their middle names, to see how far this notion of ‘equality’ actually stretched. I often post content that exposes the inequalities that exist around the world, in all of their varying forms, and posts regarding the implementation of practical solutions to support the establishment of equality for all life on planet earth.

I have noticed very, very little support from the LGBT ‘equality’ movement. Nor have I seen any significant number of posts supporting a movement towards equality for all life on earth from this community. This is a rather limited definition and scope of ‘equality’, wouldn’t you say? This came as no surprise to me, as people tend to support ‘noble causes’ that really only directly affect their own lives, and this group in particular (American LGBT’s) have one special thing that gives them a voice: money. Unlike so many marginalized groups in this world that have no real equality to those in positions of privilege (those who have money), this group is loud and noticeable because they can buy the right to have a voice.

So while everyone is busy celebrating this apparent victory, here are some other ‘equality’ points that are not being addressed and see very little hope of changing any time in the near future:

– children starving to death around the globe and more than one billion people living on the breadline
– wage slaves/sweatshop workers working in horrible conditions to make cheap products for those who have money
– countless women and children working as slaves in the sex slave trade
– economic genocide wreaking havoc among the mass population as elites further consolidate wealth and power
– environmental destruction occurring at an ever-increasing rate
– the mass genocide and hell that is the plight of the animal kingdom, whether it be in factory farms, laboratories or for material goods
– the profiteering of education that is placing millions of students in insurmountable debts
– the profiteering of a health care industry that capitalizes on keeping people sick and unhealthy
– the degradation of our food supply and its standards
– perpetual war and violence across the globe
– the abuse of children in religious and educational institutions, as well as child kidnapping
– endless cycles of race-based hate crime
and the list goes on and on…..

Where is the ‘fight for equality’ when it comes to supporting solutions that are all inclusive, that consider everyone around the globe and not such a small, select group of individuals? Where is the ‘fight for equality’ when it comes to doing what is best for ALL life?

This is all not to mention that this mass diversion of attention onto the LGBT marriage equality issue is something that is featured prominently in the mainstream media. I can always hear the sound of sheep marching to the slaughter when I see what the mainstream media is focusing on, and then suddenly seeing all of the posts of my facebook news feed mirror what the media is focusing on. It is there for a reason and that reason is solely to distract the public from the issues that really matter, from the things we ought to focus on if we want to make a REAL change in this world, once and for all. Americans, are you really so stupid as to continue to trust what the mainstream media is focusing on and promoting?

And as a final note, as I’m sure I’ve offended someone people of the LGBT religion with these words – if you are considering me a hater, I would note that my own father is a transsexual, with my full and unconditional support. My father, as one example, is not concerned with this new development of legalized gay marriage because  my father is able to simply recognize that it is not nearly as big a deal as what people would like to make it out to be.

Do people really think that a law is going to change the face of a deeply rooted cultural hatred towards LGBT’s and other general xenophobia? Do people really think that this will solve the fundamental issue of why we as a people have become so divided, hateful and violent?

The real issues in the world are rooted much, much deeper than that. Let’s get to the bottom of it. A suggestion? Follow the money trail..

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