Day 433: Stepping out of yourself and finding a radically different perspective

In the last few days I’ve had a lot of anxiety over my future and the uncertainty of how I was ever going to reach my goals practically. What I did not consider and what I was not aware of was how much my own memories of past experienced serve to supply the knowledge that I was attempting to figure out this equation with.

I did not consider how many assumptions about how things are and how life apparently works were embedded in my decision making process – can’t make a decision that way! What it took to assist me to step out of this way of thinking and seeing/perceiving how things would work was talking to someone who had radically different experiences than me.

This person did not even need to challenge my assumptions and the way I was thinking about things/perceiving them directly – through merely hearing the radical difference in how this person saw things, it exposed how many assumptions existed within me that I was taking for granted. This was a staggering contrast to some of the other people I was talking to about the same points – family, friends – who, because of their similar experiences, were not of much assistance because the way they saw things was too similar to how I saw things.

All of a sudden, I was seeing new solutions to my predicament, that had been there right in front of my eyes staring at me the whole time.

So this is the basic point for this blog, the point being that sometimes you have to really go far to step outside of yourself so to speak, and the way you think and see things, to see things in a whole new way and consider things in a whole new way. It may seem radical. It may seem extreme, it may seem too far fetched and ‘out there’ – but is that not what we need when we are so stuck in the trappings of the limited thinking of our own minds? To get out of it and go ‘far out’.

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