Day 425: A calming effect: as within, so without

Tonight I had an experience where a new cat fro the neighborhood came to visit my home, and I quickly found out that this new cat and my cat who live at my home do not get along. There was an intense cat standoff, and I noticed from that experience that from the intense conflict, I also became agitated, though I was unable to identify why, at the time. Now that I am looking at the point, it was a tense situation where violence could have broken out and normally, any situation like this is one where I would have gone into ‘fight or flight’ mode, where I prepare myself for the worst, because in the past I never had the tools to diffuse situations like that, so I would usually prepare myself for war and so in a way, came to define the energy of the fear of the conflict as a good thing, and so I would welcome it, rather than be able to question that energy, identify it for what it is and stop it.

That is what focusing on breath does. In moments where I am able to identify energetic reactions of the mind rising within me, I can simply focus on breathing until the point stops, and this is where change really occurs in process, in these small moments of identifying an reacting that triggers a rising energy and stopping it completely. So I am able to apply this in all situations that are energetically charge, where I am facing the energetic charges of others and most severely, when the situation becomes one of conflict or confrontation. The only way that I am able to direct myself effectively in any situation like this is to first stop myself from taking on the energy that is triggered within me, identifying it, and stopping it with breath so that I am clear and effective in my self movement onwards from that. If I allow the energy, then the influence of who I am as what I am accepting and allowing will influence others and the situation, compounding it and making it worse. It goes the other way too, where if I stop the energy as it arises within me and breathe through the point, stabilize and remain ‘here’ within whatever it is that I am facing, I do not feed the energetic reactions of others by also reacting and becoming energetic, and so that expression of my who I am, that resonance of my being has a calming influence on not only myself but others as well.

The key is to practice this alone, within and as myself throughout my daily activities as this is where I develop the self intimacy and self awareness that is required to be able to apply this technique when I go out into my outer world, and for this, the opportunities are here for me in every moment.