Day 424: Remembering why you’re here

Yesterday I wrote about practical planning for the future, and discussed that a big part of reaching my future goals was committing myself to consistently participating in certain activities on a daily basis to would ensure I reach those goals. Tonight, while listening to an interview on Eqafe about reaching your full potential, a crucial point that was emphasized was breathing as a basic support tool to stop the mind, and to develop the habit of using this tool of breathing until I master it and within that, developing a kind of self awareness and self intimacy that allows for self directive self movement.

This brought me back to moments in my life where, at times, focusing on breath seemed like it was the most important thing in the world to me. It was in part due to myself being extremely dissatisfied with myself and knowing basically how badly screwed I was and that the outlook for me was not good, so from a certain perspective this was done as a survival point, it was like I had to do this if I was going to survive. Now, I have progressed from certain points that were huge issues in my life back then, and this tool is to be used from a starting point of living and thriving, not surviving. The fact that I don’t have a choice in the matter, that “I have to do this to live” remains, but it is coming from a point of recognizing my potential and what it really means to live and expand myself, not just ‘keeping my head above water’ anymore. No one is ever truly satisfied with merely staying alive.

So I noticed that in present day, I at times forget the value of breath, I forget that this is a massive part of why I am here today, along with utilizing tools like self honesty and self forgiveness in writing. These are my foundations, and this is a crucial point to keep in mind when one is ‘reaching for the stars’ – remembering that their feet are on the earth while they are doing it. It is too easy to ignore self support points like this when things are going well, and it is not enough to use these tools only when things are not going well – that is not self movement, it is survival.

The seed of this point was also planted in me after reading a chapter in one of Zig Ziglar’s books about how important it is to study motivational material even when things are going well, not just when things are bad. So, this is the reason why I am here, from my past until now, and this reason is ongoing, continual, and so what I am to fulfill, accomplish and achieve in the future is also an extension of this point of ‘the reason I am here’. I am here on this earth to do great things, but I am only here on this earth to do great things because I emerged from the earth, from principles that are sound as the earth itself to ground me within this awareness every day that I am alive.

I forgive myself that I’ve grown accustomed to applying Desteni tools more frequently only when things are not going well in my life, and that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to continue applying these tools just as much when things are going well and I am expanding myself and living a life that is more enjoyable

I commit myself to utilize the tools of breathing, self forgiveness and self honesty in writing on a consistent, daily basis as the key to my self expansion and success, even when things are going well with me so that I do not ‘settle’ with merely surviving as I see, realize and understand that to accept survival as a way of life is no way to truly live

I forgive myself that I’ve not accepted and allowed myself to fully apply the Desteni tools within the realization that they are the key to unlocking unlimited potential and a completely new life where I get to see what I am truly capable of and what it really means to live, that I am required to apply these tools on a daily and consistent basis as my foundation and guideline to greatness.

I am here because I breathe.