Day 421: Don’t get too high on yourself…

Today I had an experience where I pushed myself to do something I had never done before. I have been working with educational software for some time now and today I used it to learn something that I had never learned before, that I never felt confident that I would ever be capable of learning – namely, I was learning a completely new language with a completely new set of symbols that look nothing like English or the European languages. Using the software as a tool, I proved to myself that I could do it, which was rather cool. What happened then was that I got very excited that I did it.

However, I did not stop and consider for a moment that the excitement could have been merely based on the fact that I doubted myself so much in the first place. It certainly did, as I had realized after I did it, how much self-doubt there actually was.

What then happened is that, later on in my day, I ended up wasting a bit of time on the internet looking at sports videos. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with that, but for some context, this is a habit that I have been working to give up as the real reason I have habits like looking at sports videos is because of all of the self-doubt and resulting poor skills/abilities that I have. This is very common, where people – due to a poor education and their lack of ability to become skilled and affective in their living application – end up developing habits that are basically just forms of entertainment to keep them busy because they feel they are incapable and can’t do much more.

I have always sometimes that ‘energy is a slippery slope’ – meaning that to allow one energetic experience to take over, opens the door for so many more and that is exactly what happened tonight – whereas if I had breathed and simply kept moving, the hour (or whatever amount of time it was) that I wasted watching sports videos could have been another hour that I was making progress, learning new things and being better off overall for it as a human being.

Life should be a constant learning process where we are always taking on new information and challenges, but due to our education system being so poor, so many lack confidence to the point where it almost seems impossible and maybe even pointless to even try and make an attempt to educate and improve ourselves. Imagine if that is all we ever did with every free moment of our days, living to our full potential – LEARNING MACHINES – it is quite uncanny what is truly possible – and that is, after, what we truly are – learning machines. But we forget that and everything about the way our educational system is designed is meant to have us forget that. We put so much effort into it, for so long, and from such a young age that we tend to take it for granted, how deeply this experience has affected us.

When you observe young children – the ones who have not yet been influenced by the forces of our world systems – one can see that they really are learning machines, as they are still in an optimal state at that age. Their capacity for learning is INCREDIBLE and that is something that should really be harnessed and taken advantage of – but rather, children sit in a room in a ‘school’ and have their minds ‘rot’ – that natural learning ability not used/exercised nearly to its full capacity. The is an entire, vast universe outside of that room that they are confined to, and we are not letting them absorb it. That is a crime against life, to say the very least.

We forget ‘who we really are’ as these learning machines, and so it is no wonder we overcompensate and get all excited and give ourselves a pat on the back every time we actually do something for our betterment, because of the circumstances, that has become like a miracle. But the truth is that this is who we are. If we really realized our full potential and lived it, standing equal and one with who we really are in our true nature, we would ONLY know self improvement. After all, machines should only upgrade and evolve, and we are biological machines. if we only knew self improvement and this were everyday, normal life, would we get so excited every time we have a breakthrough and make progress?

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