Day 343: Marijuana as the ultimate mindfuck

The point of marijuana has been a fascinating one. From what I have seen, people tend to have varying predispositions to certain points which become addictive/obsessive in their lives which are personally based, meaning that they are specific to the character that each one has constructed at an individual level.

What is interesting about marijuana is that the initial stages of it tend to relax one in a way where they may be inclined to ponder their reality at a deeper, more honest level. So you may get a glimpse of insights that you don’t normally get, which can be like a cool experience, but what I have found is that the mind uses this point as the ultimate deception. It will sensationalize these moments. I mean, the answers to our problems in life in reality are not profound, they are simple common sense. To believe that they are profound would imply that one is still bound and limited by the belief that their reality can never really change, that they can never really change, that the problems that we experience in life are real and not just our own misguided creations.

So the mind latches onto this experience and creates an energetic imprint where this experience of insight is turned into a positive point which the mind will seek out again and again because as long as this feeling/mental experience of ‘seeing all the answers and everything laid out clearly before you’ remains only as a mental experience, only as a feeling, it can never be lived, applied and walked practically. The imprint is then naturally associated with the marijuana for facilitating this experience, and the mind – existing in fear of loss and thus operating within the principle of ‘the more I get, the better’ – will simply seek out more. The more you have that feeling, the more you get lost in it, so it’s a very deceptive point because that initial moments of insights were LOST when they could have instead, in a moment of breath in self stability, be looked at and considered in terms of how such insights can support one to live more effectively through practical application.

The nature of the mind is one that is extremely deceptive and thus fears exposure. From this perspective, it is critical that we recognize and understand that we are our own worst enemies – this is not poetry, just how it works. The good news is we are all still here on earth experiencing this as individuals together and thus have the capability to support one another through supporting ourselves first to be honest with ourselves so that we can assist others to be honest with themselves as well. Every breath matters, every moment counts, as our creation as our experience of ourselves in this life is determined by what we put into it and the accumulation of that – thus it is a simple question of what are we accumulating in every moment? Are we living moments in our lives in a way where we take them as real opportunities and gifts to investigate who we are in this life and to work to ensure that we are the best we can be to ourselves and others?

Everything that is required to support ourselves is here, no matter how long the journey or where it takes us, all that is left that is required here is ourselves as the breath of life that we really are because that is the only thing we can ever really say that we have been since the day we were born and that we will be until the day we die.

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