Day 173: Destroyed by our own weakness

“maybe old sayings that ‘only the strong survive’ and Darwin’s belief of ‘survival of the fittest’ were true from a certain perspective: because the human mind is certainly weak, and to remain as such will ensure our inevitable extinction – while the earth is strong, perfect in fact, as they eco system is self sustaining and without the weakness of ego and for this reason will continue long after the human”


In one of my recent posts I had done some self forgiveness on the point of defining people according to their monetary wealth and their position/status within the world hierarchical system of power. The forgiveness that I had done on this point was more in regards to those who I had defined as being in a higher position of the social stratosphere, which I then had allowed myself to be inferior to/to exist in fear of.

But now I must consider this point with regards to those I have defined as inferior to me by this very same standard, as well as my own self definition of being superior, relatively speaking. This is coming more from a point of guilt of having taken advantage of my position of privilege in this world, and within this, completely absolving those who I see as lower/less fortunate than me, of any self responsibility to themselves and this world.

When it was first presented to me that all humans on earth are equally responsible for how this world exists, this was a fascinating point which resonated with me to the core of my being, and yet there has been this blockage of fully recognizing/accepting this point due to my own self accepted and allowed belief of superiority, and the tendencies I have to take advantage of others, within this.

And there are so many ways to justify why such people are apparently inferior and therefore, incapable of standing up for themselves/life and can therefore in my eyes be absolved of any self responsibility: they are not smart enough, they did not come from a rich country like me, they did not get a great education like I did, they are trapped in religious or family brainwashing, they don’t have all the privileges that I do, they have more fear in them than me for this reason and that reason, they were abused worse than I was, they had more traumatic experiences than I did. So many excuses justifying the victim mentality that everybody seems to believe of themselves to the point where they make it a living reality. It seems so believable when you see it from a distance because the person is fully living this point of self victimization and inferiority/weakness. This point had also been engrained in me from a young age as I was essentially used as a pawn in one of my parents games of self believe/perceived victimization/inferiority, where I was essentially used and counted on to make this person feel better, fearing that if I did not, then my own survival would be in jeopardy.

What have I been able to actually in fact determine is a valid excuse for one not standing up for themselves/life? A lack of money that is so extreme that there is literally nothing more to a persons existence than to work, or cannot even sustain their own life at all, and these people certainly do exist, although I’m not sure I’ve been fortunate enough to actually meet one and learn from such an experience.

Beyond that, it is true that as long as you are capable of sustaining yourself in this world financially and have some extra time on your hands, then there is absolutely no real excuse/limitation to not stand up for life, other than your own mental limitation which you impose on yourself, albeit without any awareness.

Sometimes I wonder: “but I got a great education through Desteni, others have not been as fortunate” – and while this is true as a matter of circumstance, it was in fact me who sought out answers, for quite some time before finding Desteni. I certainly do not deserve any special credit for this, as I face resistance to changing myself every single day. I often deliberately abuse and deceive – such has been engrained as my nature since the beginning. But is this an excuse, when I am aware of it?

And the fact is everybody is aware, but it’s like: how much is one willing to take? How much abuse and lies and deceit are you willing to endure until you finally get some self respect, stand up and say “no more!?” The answer to this may lie in the simplicity of how much one has already accepted a way of life of self limitation and being abused as ‘normal’

Here, love is the ultimate deception as it is the sugar coating we place to veil our eyes from the absolute evil that exists on this planet. It amazes me the degree to which people have no clue, considering that the clues are everywhere, and we are willingly ignoring them.

And yet, when you expose the truth, all the weak victims will cry bloody murder as if your words are torture. Yes they are like torture to the mind of self interest which cries like a baby when it’s sugar candy is taken away from it. Why do we allow such weakness? Why do we allow our young to be so corrupted with self images of victimization and limitation to the point where we will bow to their every whim just to get them to shut up when they throw a temper tantrum because they are not getting their energy fix? Please, if anyone reading this ever sees me crying, do me a favor and laugh in my face for the absolute mess of stupidity that I have gotten myself into!

The human mind is as legendary as the vampire in its eternal quest for blood under the guise of love, and the words of truth are like the light that so easily destroys the vampire. Because while the human mind constantly operates under the guise of love and light, in truth it demands blood – meaning that countless zillions of being suffer just to keep the lie of love and light alive.

Ask yourself, notice about yourself, every single day: what is my love and light? What is my little happy place where I am the only one that matters? Because it is this little happy place within the minds of each one which we apparently all then ‘connect’ on in the circle-jerk of egos, that is absolutely destroying ourselves and our world beyond any kind of salvation.

More on this later.

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