Day 66: Is this all that there is? Pt. 3


I commit myself to participate within my reality fully, to not accept and allow myself to limit who I am, how I experience myself and what I do to an idea as knowledge and information


I commit myself to live every moment anew through remaining here as breath, self honest and to no longer limit myself to ideas of the future that I am projecting from my past experience to create a new life that is not pre-programmed

I commit myself to investigate all patterns/habits/addictions so that I do now allowed myself to remain within a pre-programmed life wherein I will inevitably come to believe that this is all there is


I commit myself to never give up on myself by stopping the question/investigation of who I am as self honest reflection, and to commit myself to always walk with myself through self honest writing to ensure that who I am is not limited to a program


I commit myself to break the trust that I have invested in my mind through investigating, breaking down and forgiving that which I have created as the mind which I have come to trust to guide me – to ensure that I am in fact directing me here and not mind controlled


I commit myself to no longer trap myself within boredom as the repetition of existing/living patterns where I am trapped within patterns and even if I am trapped in patterns, so never allow these patterns to bored me to death by remaining here as breath and self honestly investigating within living these patterns ‘who am I?’ and within this, I commit myself to stop all fear as certain fear of the future as consequences through changing myself for real so that the future is one that is not to be feared


I commit myself to give up self interest as addictions/patterns/habits through self honesty and self forgiveness to see who I really am without the mind as what is really possible in this world – no longer allowing myself to believe that the mind is ‘all that there is’


I commit myself to dedicate myself to investigate and question myself and who I am/how I am living


I commit myself to stop my dependency on consciousness to be direct as a limited slave through debunking consciousness daily in investigating through self honest writing my day to day living and who I am within experiences


I commit myself to live a life that is not limited as life cannot be limited to an idea – I commit myself to find out what life really is as a life lived without the limitation of the mind of knowledge