Day 25: The Hate Character

I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to feel and experience hate and live this hate in thought, word and deed, allowing myself to become a character of hate


I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to hate everything – whether it be as life or the mind – and that I’ve allowed myself to speak and live the words “I hate everything”


I forgive myself that I’ve not allowed myself to see how I have created this hate character as myself as the accumulated experience of anger towards others and my world which is in fact only a projection of my own self anger/hate as an awareness that I am not satisfied with who I am and what I have accepted and allowed


I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to use the hate character as the feeling/experience of hating everything and everyone, as an excuse to further blame and justify what I have accepted and allowed unto myself/life onto others within the delusional belief that it is everyone else that is evil and bad, and that I am not self responsible


I forgive myself that I’ve not allowed myself to see how hate is the opposite of love


I forgive myself that I’ve not allowed myself to see that I have perpetuated the cycle of hate by chasing and endorsing feelings of love, to further fuel the hate character through self justification of the belief/experience that I am apparently of love/loving/good and therefore am superior to others and am justified in my hating and blaming and condescending to others which allow me to remain in a position where I do not have to be self honest, self responsible and change myself to create a world that is best for all


I forgive myself that I’ve not allowed myself to realize that living the hate character is a living statement of judgment of myself and others which only further perpetuates the cycles of false love and real hate in this world – wherein I judge myself as superior and thus justified in my hate and others as inferior and thus justified in being abused, and that it is by this logic that PSYCHOlogically all abuse in this world is justified


I forgive myself that I’ve not allowed myself to realize that to live in hate and condemnation of others is in fact spite and self spite through allowing myself to live and exist within and as such an illusion and that this is why all experiences of living out anger/hate is always followed by a remorseful experience of guilt and shame because I allowed myself to spite and abuse myself and others as life in the name of the ego that I allowed to consume the flesh through thoughts, feelings and emotions


I forgive myself that I’ve allowed myself to use hate as a weapon and defense mechanism to defend my ego and self interest and my desires through the self righteousness of blaming and judging others which is lived out as a perceptually ‘real’ experience of hating others as I have judged them as bad/evil/inferior and thus solidified my self-delusional belief of being good and therefore do not require to change, stop my desires and self interest and take responsibility for my world and who I have become and what I have allowed


I commit myself to stop the hate, the experience of hating as my thoughts, feelings, emotions, words and deeds and commit myself to find solutions to that which requires correction firstly within myself before I ever judge or condemn another in the separation of hate


I commit myself to expose all hate as the self righteousness of the ego to never have to change and let goof desire/self interest


I commit myself to live in a way wherein I am satisfied with myself and thus do not accumulate experiences of myself of dissatisfaction as anger which inevitably become a living expression of me as the hate character wherein I project all that I have accumulated as hate onto others


I commit myself to stop the cycles of love and hate within myself as existing within and as the polarity of the mind consciousness system, and stop wielding love and hate as the weapons that destroy life